Applications of the business development model

Today, the position of business development manager is used in many large companies. A specialist can conduct a job analysis and find an effective solution to restore work. The current state of the company is assessed, and options for its solution are performed.
Application of the model allows:
Benchmark (compare, analyze and evaluate) company processes and the organization’s management system as a whole to determine which elements of the organization’s management system need to be improved to improve performance and ensure the achievement of the company’s goals;
To reduce the financial and time costs of projects: the development of the organization (the development of the organization strategy, optimization of business processes, and organizational structure); The introduction of information systems, ERP, PPM class systems, automation of business processes, document management and collaboration of employees;

Introduce more effective methods and practices of managing a development company: increase efficiency and quality of management of both individual business processes and the company as a whole; Increase the productivity of the staff and their interaction within the company; Reduce the duration of training of new employees;
Reduce costs, optimize budget, eliminate unnecessary and duplicate processes, optimize organizational structure; Improve the company’s financial performance.
The model’s goal structure shows what the company’s staff should focus on to ensure sustainable development and increase the business’s profitability in the long run. A system of company indicators is defined to measure the achievement of this or that goal. Each arrow, in turn, is linked to a specific business process in which it is formed. The indicators are also displayed in the job descriptions of employees.

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