Business development: who needs it


Without business development, it is impossible to create a well-known company. Creating high-quality products, expanding influence, and partnerships will help strengthen the market. But do not confuse business development with marketing. The main goal of action is to create value and reputation. And marketing specialists do everything possible to increase the number of sales.


Logically, any company needs development. Of course, you can do your own thing, but the company is unlikely to expand beyond the local market. If your goal is a business known on the international market, you should contact the development manager.


Who are development managers anyway?


A development manager is a specialist who knows how to achieve the company’s goals. They turn to him when it is necessary to create the company’s value and not just sell the product. The specialist knows the following areas:


  • marketing;
  • sales;
  • analysis;
  • management;
  • investment.


The task of the development manager is to reveal the company’s potential. It happens through building new relationships with suppliers, partners, and competitors. A professional will identify the company’s weak points and tell how to level them.


A detailed company analysis is necessary to determine the actual state of affairs. Based on these reports, they create a strategy for business development.

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