Commercial project development model

A comprehensive, integrated standard model of a development company is a set of related documents, schemes, and diagrams describing in detail the organization carrying out activities in the field of development projects and management of commercial real estate.
Three concepts are used in creating the model:
Integrated – covers all the main elements of the management system of the organization (objectives and indicators, processes, organizational structure, job descriptions and units, documents, information systems, databases, software) in the context of the activities of the implementation of development projects.
Integrated – all elements of the model are interconnected into a single coherent system;
Typical – the general case of activities in the development and management of the commercial real estate is considered. Thus, the model, with some modifications and refinements, can be used to create and develop the management system of the office, retail, and office, retail and entertainment, and warehouse centers for companies of different specializations.
The model of business processes of the company is hugely optimized, includes all business processes necessary for full-fledged activity, and at the same time does not contain “superfluous” methods, which bring additional costs.

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