Definition of the company’s core values for business development

Core values are the beliefs that shape a company’s culture, define its vision, and serve as a compass to guide its decisions. In today’s business climate, customers win and lose these ideals. Establishing core values can help attract buyers with the same beliefs and motivate employees to achieve goals.

How to make a list of core values

While a company may identify with a long list of values, best practice dictates that three to five is the ideal number of core values a company should focus on. Here are the steps you can take to identify the company’s core values:

  • Assemble a team of key employees, such as company executives, to oversee the selection process.
  • Ask the team to announce employee proposals for core values.
  • Get together as a group to discuss recommended values ​​and brainstorm with others.
  • Please write down the best ideas and read them aloud.
  • Reduce the list to create the first draft.
  • Present the first draft to the rest of the company for their comments.
  • Regroup to discuss employee contributions and edit the values ​​to a final list.

Defining your values creates the foundation to support your company’s growth. Modeling these values for your employees and rewarding those who do the same helps reinforce your core values and promotes their adoption. Taking deliberate steps to create and implement your own core values is one way to increase your company’s success.

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