Development as a business tool

The existence of any company is associated with constant decision-making. These decisions can be dictated, even imposed by the events of the surrounding life. On the contrary, it can be initiated from within the company to anticipate these events. Decisions can be divided into two categories depending on the principles used in making them. The first category is effective decisions, which have a short-term effect. The second category is effective decisions that are aimed at increasing the company’s profits and optimizing operations. Business development involves an in-depth study of the company’s operations and the application of new techniques for the development of the company.
In the development of projects, the company is always faced with the interaction and mutual influence of 3 limiting factors – the content (quality of project implementation), time (duration of the project), and cost (project budget). The task of a specialist is to study all the factors. Understand their interaction. The manager analyzes the competitor’s market and proposes the option of implementing a new model in the company’s work.
A business developer is a specialist who can analyze and settle a commercial project’s operating model. The data obtained are lined up in a single scheme.

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