Effective lead generation strategies for business development

Over the past few years, companies worldwide have realized the importance of business development. They recognize the value they bring to the organization. Until now, not all companies fully understand what business development managers do. They successfully cope with several tasks in sales, marketing, personnel, and project management, but one of the most important tasks of these professionals is lead generation.

How to increase lead generation?

If you’re ready to start applying lead generation strategies, here are a few:

  • Ask your former clients for reviews and recommendations. Has your previous client written reviews after you completed work for them? It may help your business gain credibility and improve your public image. You must understand that your customers may not know how to write a review. Using a good testimonial template to get started with your client is a good idea.
  • Ask current clients for recommendations. Such lead generation tactic also works for existing businesses. If your recent buyers are happy with the product/service you provide, give them a call and ask if they can recommend you to their friends. Such a strategy can generate good leads for your business and create social protection.
  • Facebook referral system: Your friends can know at least three people who can benefit from your product/service. If you have 300 FB friends and ask them to recommend you to three of their friends, this could result in 900 leads. Assuming your conversion rate is 1%, you have a good chance of bringing in up to 10 new customers using the strategy.

Check your database; for sure, you will find some old leads who asked you to contact them again in the future; it might be worth following them every 90 days to see if they are ready to buy your product/service again.

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