Establishment of a subsidiary for business development

In recent years, business development questions have been asked by many companies that want to expand their activities in the international market. That is why organizations must treat planning issues as competently and thoughtfully as possible. For these purposes, you can use the help of a business developer with the appropriate experience and knowledge.

Features of development with the help of a subsidiary

It is a lower-level company created and controlled by a parent company that owns more than half of the total share capital of the subsidiary. It is a separate legal entity, meaning it can have its management, take the initiative in its own right, and enjoy sales opportunities or tax benefits that may arise.

With the help of a subsidiary, you can significantly optimize the company’s activities in the international market and reduce all possible costs.

Subsidiary benefits

A subsidiary company as a form of business development in the international market has the following advantages:

  • A lower-level company in a foreign territory is rightfully considered a local company that maximizes the chances of success.
  • With a subsidiary’s help, it can expand as much as possible in the local market, securing its activities.
  • All trading, financial, and logistics operations are carried out in a foreign territory, as a result of which economies of scale can be achieved.

By its very nature, a subsidiary depends on local laws: choosing this mode of international expansion requires extensive knowledge, especially regarding labor law, taxation, and legal processes. Starting a subsidiary of this kind requires a significant financial investment and may be too resource-intensive for some companies.

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