How the tasks and business of a developer are defined

Each company has an internal structure and priorities. The functions and responsibilities of a business developer directly depend on the company’s direction. The manager’s role covers any activity necessary to grow the business: organizing the office, analytics, and product risks, making decisions about new markets, developing strategies, and working on partnerships. Working with partners is working with the data warehouse or organizing a discount for employees on an analytics tool.
The primary responsibilities of a business developer are:
Selection of the most exciting and priority areas of the company’s development;
developing relationships with partners;
research of markets and competitors;
tracking the latest trends;
identifying new opportunities;
improving products in cooperation with the team.
In business development, you can endlessly learn, gain new experiences, and develop and apply global solutions.
A specialist must have an excellent command of English, the ability to sell and negotiate, an understanding of strategic planning, and knowledge of industry trends. A version of finance, marketing, and law basics is mandatory. Technical knowledge is important for a developer – a basic understanding of technologies, frameworks, different models of IT service delivery.

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