Responsibilities of a business developer in an enterprise

A business developer is a specialist who is required to work in a modern enterprise. Such a specialist should have extensive knowledge and experience in the local and international markets. He should help with the development of business in any direction.

Features of a business developer

Reporting to the head of the business development group, the business, and the business development manager will provide the board with updates, recommendations, analyses, and reports to ensure the smooth running of business units, key customers, management systems, and data flow. One will provide strategic input and advice on decision-making goals and objectives to the immediate business unit under their responsibility.

Duties and responsibilities

A business developer must have many professional skills, among which are:

  • Development and creation of various commercial opportunities to attract new customers and support existing ones.
  • Providing a comprehensive assessment following the characteristics and development trends in the local market.
  • Development of an effective business strategy for implementing and promoting the company’s work.
  • Development of a business plan by the company’s goals, assistance with setting goals and planning objectives.

The specialist is also responsible for fully developing the company’s image in the local and international markets. A business developer must know and understand the peculiarities of his company’s work, which will help promote products to customers as efficiently as possible and attract investments. It is also necessary to effectively manage commercial contracts by companies, reduce potential risks and increase profitability from cooperation with business partners.

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