The main tasks of a business developer

Many companies are introducing the position of business development manager. Today there is no common understanding of the essence of the profession. What a specialist does and how his success is measured depends on the company’s specifics. A business developer is a generalist. He knows how to conduct negotiations and successfully participates in sales. The specialist is comprehensively developed in different areas of business.
The main tasks of a business developer are:
Analyze and form new directions for business development in areas not previously touched. The work of a specialist is: to see a problem and come up with a solution. The task becomes identifying what work can be outsourced to a third party to save money or, for example, how to improve communication security.
To talk to the top five companies in the industry. To understand if the idea has the right to life, it is worth discussing it with the most significant market players because they have the most expertise and fundamental knowledge in their field. These customers will mainly be interested in us as sellers if the hypothesis is confirmed. Customers need to show the problem and discuss possible solutions while seeing the scope for a prospective product rather than a private project. On the other hand, partners need to be shown how they can get involved in the value chain.
Make a successful case. When a solution is successfully implemented in the first company, demonstrating significant results for the industry, the business developer can consider that he has formed a new market and hand over further work on it to the vendors.
For these steps to follow, the business development manager is constantly communicating. A specialist’s working day means contacts with new clients and meetings. There is an assessment of the prospects of work in this direction and identifying the client’s needs.

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