The target audience of a business developer

Developing a business to make it work and bring profit is necessary. In any competitive market, the lack of development and innovation in the industry sooner or later leads to stagnation, a critical increase in risks, especially in times of crisis, and may ultimately lead to the company’s departure from the market. Business development aims to develop and search for optimal solutions to increase sales and further growth in the market.
The primary target audience of the product is represented by, but not limited to, the following categories of companies involved in commercial real estate development and management:

Dynamically growing companies in the commercial real estate market seeking to have an effective management system in place to ensure sustainable business growth and development of their commercial real estate portfolio;
Large commercial real estate operators with large portfolios looking to improve portfolio management efficiency and reduce costs;
Consulting companies and IT companies that provide commercial real estate companies are looking to expand their service lines and improve quality or enhance their expertise and understanding of the industry’s specific business processes.
This model is designed for a wide range of companies specializing in shopping, retail, office, and business centers, as well as multi-functional objects.

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