Tips for business developers on how to attract clients without selling

The tactic of a business developer is to turn a company into a market leader by creating a business environment that promotes brand awareness among the target consumer group. As a business developer, you are probably looking for creative ways to get new clients. Our experts are ready to give several tips that will help increase your company’s customer base.

Essential points to attract buyers

You need to follow these simple recommendations to increase your customer base:

  • Send personal, non-commercial emails: use email to get closer and more intimate with a potential client. It’s something the website cannot do. Then introduce your brand and yourself as someone they can turn to for advice. Make sure your first cold email generates interest and curiosity and prompts a response that leads to a conversation.
  • Define your ideal buyer: make sure you clearly define your market segment. Your product/service should not satisfy 80% of many different segments but focus on 20%; otherwise, you will find yourself at a blocking point. You may have potential customers who may show interest but are unlikely to make a purchase.
  • Create unique content for inbound marketing: if the marketing content you post on a company blog or Facebook profile is worthwhile, your job is half done because customers will find you and contact you after reading exciting and helpful posts. By responding to the needs of your potential clients, you build trust in your business and attract new customers.

Before growing your business, ensure you understand the company’s positioning statement. You will develop this as you communicate with your customers and send messages to them. Ask yourself if you can tailor your value proposition to your customer profile. Do you use marketing slang that is hard to understand? It’s better to refuse it. Express your thoughts in short words.

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