What are the tasks of a business developer?

Business development is a direction that opens up many opportunities for clients, investors, and business partners. This is required to take their business to the next level and find new business partners. A business developer is a specialist who develops a business.
Tasks of a business developer
A business developer is a highly qualified employee who helps promote a business. It performs the following main tasks:
Development of the company’s current business: search for shortcomings of the existing model of work and ways to eliminate them.
Business development in a new direction: assessment of the current competitive situation and formulation of the differences, positioning, and advantages of your own offer. A significant role here is marketing and finding the best ways to convey information about the product.
International business development: first of all, it is building a reliable partner network.
In this case, visits to each country and city are mandatory and take up to 85% of the working time at the first stage. In addition, the constant presence of trusted partners on the ground and maintaining communication with them is essential.
Most often, the functions described above are taken on by an advanced sales manager, but there is a fundamental difference between these professions.
The role of a specialist is to study the market: to check the space, collect the requirements of major players in the industry, and only based on the analysis results, make an offer to the client.
A business developer is both an analyst and a product developer who is deeply versed in the nuances of technology and industry, a project manager, a negotiator, a partner manager, and a salesperson. However, he is a visionary and an entrepreneur, able to see new opportunities and realize them.

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