What should a business developer know to become a real professional?

Business developers must find the perfect balance between customers, markets, and relationships. They must also combine them to create value both internally (for the organization) and externally (for customers and the market). To make these three elements interact, the business developer must have a wide range of skills and knowledge about how the organization works.

Exciting things that will be useful to any business developer

Below we list what we consider the most critical areas of expertise.

  • Observe, analyze, and systematize: even if you are not responsible for sales planning, you should be aware of the sales forecast for the year. Be mindful of where the company is located. Analyze your business model and those of your competitors and improve it.
  • Make a positive image of yourself: from the pitch of your voice, gestures, and posture to your appearance. The picture you create is critical to the client sitting across from you at the negotiating table. Be confident in difficult situations.
  • Think creative: based on your knowledge about your product/service, identify an opportunity and use it innovatively. You cannot offer a standard presentation. Show the client how your product differs from what your competitors offer.

Networking events or cold calls, you need to be able to establish rapport with the people you interact with. Meeting new clients will test your public speaking skills, your ability to be friendly, and use your charisma. Remember that the role you play for your clients is that of a consultant.

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