Where a developer’s profession is in demand

In recent years, the profession of developer has been gaining popularity. A director is not always able to cover all areas of business. Business developers help unite all structures into a single system. A universal manager can see the business development problem and suggest practical ways of solving it.
Companies in the international market point to the definite advantages of Western applicants. Managers in the U.S. are more confident about their achievements. They are also much more substantial in terms of packaging and product presentation. It can be explained by mentality – Americans already know what sales are, and everyone has the potential to become a salesperson. It is the same with business development – Russian managers still lack an understanding of this, but they have high potential.
When hiring in their company, they necessarily look for experience in sales (direct and affiliate) and sales management experience in a managerial position. The ideal candidate should also have expertise in marketing or an area of work relevant to creating potential customers – for example, technology or medicine.
Business-developer-manager identifies and develops new lines of business – new markets, niches, partnerships, and sales channels.

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