Who is a business developer?

Business development is a new integrated area of business development that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. This person understands analytics, deeply understands the nuances of technology and industry, knows the specifics of a project manager, and can successfully negotiate. The manager knows how to conduct business meetings and sell a product or service. He is a visionary and entrepreneur, able to discern new opportunities and realize them.
The work of a business developer is aimed at:
Development of the current business: search for weaknesses in the existing business model and product of basic concepts for their elimination.

Diversification of business and portfolio: search for growth areas within existing business and in current and related markets, elaborating business investment development models to solve the client’s main tasks.

Expansion into new regions and geo-zones: the developer can address issues related to building a partner network, launching sales of its franchise, or opening new offices and branches within its competence.
BD Manager is a unique profession. Unique in the sense that you have to understand all aspects of the product, service, or business you are involved in. Why. Because you talk to different people, questions can concern any area – business, finance, technical aspects. But it naturally comes down to the essential thing in human society – communication and dealing with issues.

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