Who is a business development manager?


Business development is significant. Have you heard this? But few people understand what it is and how it differs from marketing and sales. The main goal of business development is to create long-term value. That is, the company’s reputation will be known not only when you make an ideal product but also decades later.


A development manager is a specialist who knows how to create this value. A professional makes a strategy to help build a network of relationships with all market elements. Its main task is to find attractive offers from partners and create long-term relationships with them.


What does a development manager do?


The development manager’s task is to find solutions that will help solve the set goal. The work of a specialist consists of the following:


  • analyze the market;
  • find options for partnership;
  • create an offer.


It seems that it is simple, but it is not. There are many offers on the market, and not all may be profitable for cooperation. Choosing companies with which relations will increase the value of your business is essential.


The development manager helps during the launch of projects or during the transition in the market. The help of a specialist is necessary for international cooperation and integration with new partners.

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