Why business development is essential in success work

Business development is the search for long-term growth opportunities on three planes: clients, markets, and relationships. In Eastern Europe, in practice, there are three main areas of business developer activity:
Development of the company’s current business: search for shortcomings of the existing model of work and ways to eliminate them;
Business development in a new direction: assessing the current competitive situation and formulating the differences, positioning, and advantages of one’s offer. Marketing and finding the best ways to get the word out about the product play an important role here;
International business development: first of all, it’s about building a reliable partner network. In this case, visits to each country and city are mandatory. It takes up to 85% of the work time in the first phase. In addition, the constant presence of trusted partners in the field and maintaining communication with them is indispensable.
The positive result of a business developer’s activity is a deal, or rather a series of agreements with companies in the same industry. Success, in this case, depends on the manager’s ability to work “long term” since it can take a year, or even more from working out a hypothesis to the sale. A business developer is a marathon runner set up for a long-term result.

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